You deserve to feel like yourself again without restrictive diets, quick fixes, or cookie-cutter protocols. It's time to approach your health in a whole new way, with a custom plan designed just for you. 

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Hi, I’m Laura! I’m a Functional Medicine and Women’s Health Dietitian. I help women get to the root cause of their hormone and digestive symptoms through specialized testing, personalized nutrition, and realistic lifestyle changes. My mission is to provide women a place to finally feel heard instead of dismissed. Forget the band-aid solutions and fad diets. Instead, we do the dirty work to figure out the “why” behind your symptoms, so we can fix them…for good.

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Meet your dietitian, 


Kelly Z.

"Working with Laura was literally life changing."

I have worked with many practitioners before but no one was able to get to my root causes like she was. I am having regular cycles, no longer losing hair, sleeping great and feeling rested in the morning, and have started to lose weight again. I could not recommend her more! 

Claudia L.

"I would say Laura is 'a miracle' in my life"

She not only helped me understand my body, but she helped to regulate my periods and get pregnant. We are now waiting for our baby and we cannot be more grateful with life because we found Laura. She is the best!

Perrin J.

"I got my period back after months of not having one and after years of being irregular! "

I feel like I healed my unhealthy relationship with food in just a few sessions. I have a much better relationship with my body, food, and exercise.

Rachel L.

"My period pain has become so minimal"

I had honestly lost hope and felt like that was my way of life forever. I’m more comfortable in clothes and even down a size in jeans! I feel like my quality of sleep is better and I’m having more energy than before. I feel confident in my food choices and I don’t feel like I’m having a “cheat day” or feel like I’m limiting myself from a treat.

Stephanie A.

 "My headaches are gone!!"

I should repeat that, the headaches I’ve had most of my life are GONE. Nearly all of my digestive issues have gone away. Being hyper aware of where bathrooms were and having stomach cramps and pain after meals was a normal part of my life. Not anymore!! Laura’s just a joy to talk to and I felt like I was chatting with a friend very soon into this process.

Jenna C.

"I no longer feel like my body is completely in control of me."

My body isn't as swollen anymore. Now that I have the knowledge of what is working best for my body I’m much more confident in my food choices and can figure out something that works for me in almost all situations. 

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